WELLNESS DAY 2018 by #WeAllGrow Latina Network

WELLNESS DAY 2018 by #WeAllGrow Latina Network

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  • Hotel Maya: 700 Queensway Drive Long Beach, CA 90802

#WeAllGrow Summit, the go-to professional conference for Latinx influencers and creative entrepreneurs, is proud to announce our first WELLNESS DAY, presented by AVEENO.

With three previous sold-out #WeAllGrow Summit events in 2015, 2016 and 2017, we’ve successfully brought to life our mission to elevate the conversation and the connections between Latinas and the brands that want to reach out to them and their communities in an intimate gathering with 3 days of experiential networking, learning experiences that propel growth and lasting connections.

The theme for our 4th year is “The Beauty of Evolution” to celebrate the beautiful evolution of our community as it continues to manifest into a powerful sisterhood.

To honor the theme of evolution, we’re launching our first ever Wellness Day where we will turn inward to connect with ourselves during a full day of wellness, mindfulness and health practices to set our intentions for growth and CONNECT WITHIN.

Attendees will connect with health + wellness brands at the marketplace and spend a day learning from mindfulness leaders and immersed in healing and intuitive activities.

If you have one of the sold out All-Acess tickets for #WeAllGrow Summit 2018, it already includes Wellness Day.

You can also purchase a Wellness Day-only ticket and we highly recommend you do so!


All of our events have sold out, so grab your ticket early, start planning your trip to Southern California and follow the #WeAllGrow and #WellnessDay18 hashtags to stay up-to-date with announcements.

Watch our Summit 2017 recap video HERE.

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