REIKI + SOUND; a Womens Circle

REIKI + SOUND; a Womens Circle

  • 40
  • OUR SPACE: 253 NE 99 ST. Miami Shores FL, 33138

Join us on this magical evening and allow the high vibrational frequencies of sound and the healing energies of Reiki to lift you as we release old emotions, energy blockages, limiting beliefs and thought patterns that are limiting our experiences. Together, as a circle, we will nurture the intention of moving into harmonious alignment and personal healing to activate our highest potential.

Sound Healer @BeSoundful & Reiki Master @LightCodesWellness will hold the space to support you on your journey into discovering your infinite creative potential. We’ll begin by opening the space with a sacred shamanic limpia (also known as an aura cleansing). We will share our intentions, receive spiritual guidance, Reiki healing, and soak in the healing tones of alchemy crystal singing bowls. Afterwards, we will come together again as a group for sharing and questions. Come with an open heart!

*Space is limited

Please be on time.

Energy Exchange: $40

Sarah MacMillan is a intuitive Sound Healer and a Certified Yoga & Meditation teacher and a Spiritual Lifestyle Blogger based in Miami. She has been a driving force in bringing modern spirituality to Latin women’s contemporary culture thru her Spanish-speaking portal for spiritual growth, Sarah’s digital platform inspires women to live from the heart & awaken their soul in order to live their truth in higher levels of consciousness.

Daniela Salazar is a certified Reiki Master healer, Psychology graduate, and Ordained Minister in Miami, Florida, who has explored greater self-awareness and her own spiritual connection for over eight years. As a Holistic Wellness Specialist and Spiritual Guide, she blends her knowledge of Positive Psychology with intuitive and ancient wisdom using a modern approach, allowing her to merge spirituality and science in her healing practice. Daniela offers guidance about the Sacred Feminine and Masculine energies, towards accepting the Shadow-Self, and teaches that Unconditional Love, Mindfulness, and Oneness is a fundamental aspect of living a fulfilled and empowered life. Daniela serves to guide and support others in their awakening with integrity, love, and honor.

Move into stillness… A Sound Bath is an improvised, meditative concert that supports states of deep relaxation, where stress release and healing can occur. The perfect setting to support the process of natural healing in the body and mind.

Reiki “universal life force energy” is an ancient Japanese method of working with spiritual energy, intention, and intuition. It is a therapy to balance chakra energy and helps cleansing and balancing the aura/biofield. This powerful healing modality uses a process called attunement, where the master focuses on opening student’s energy system to the flow of divine energy, using pure and loving intention and hands to concentrate the divine energy for the purpose of healing. Some people say that Reiki healing feels like massaging of the soul on the inside and bathing in the light, however, each person’s experience is unique to itself. It is in trusting higher consciousness that one is able to clear the mind, open the heart and connect deeply to the truth of who you are.