Shine Circle: Root. Release. Recharge. Shine.

Shine Circle: Root. Release. Recharge. Shine.

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  • OUR SPACE: 253 NE 99 ST. Miami Shores FL, 33138

Shine Circle by Melissa Carter
A monthly gathering of sacred sisterhood 

Plant Based Treats. 
Conscious Connection & Community by you.

Opening Sound Meditation by Special guest BE GENERATION LOVE.


Melissa Carter is the founder of IGNITE WITH MELISSA. She holds an MBA and is a former music industry executive turned Spiritual & Conscious Empowerment Coach, Intuitive Guide, and Kundalini Reiki Master. After years of morbid obesity, depression, failed relationships and a fractured core belief system, Melissa embarked on a 150-pound weight loss journey that inspired transformations in her career, spirituality and daily life. Melissa recreated herself from the inside out, and now pays forward what she believes is a second chance at life through her Intuitive Guidance practice. Using her three-step approach, Melissa is confident that you can transform your life into anything you choose, so long as you BELIEVE, COMMIT and LIVE with love, integrity, faith, contribution and gratitude.

In May of 2016, Melissa put her belongings in storage and said goodbye to her life in Brooklyn, New York to take on one as a global digital nomad, Intuitive Guide and speaker. She has since traveled to ten different countries, sharing her story and tools she used to transform her life and self care through workshops, blogging, readings and meditation gatherings. She currently splits her time between Bali and Miami and is writing her first book. Melissa is committed to suicide prevention advocacy, and hopes to inspire individuals to connect with their true values and lead an empowered life of authenticity and love.