A NUMEROLOGY WORKSHOP: A Personal Guide to Understanding the Life You Chose

A NUMEROLOGY WORKSHOP: A Personal Guide to Understanding the Life You Chose

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Do you know why you face certain obstacles in your life?
Why you attract certain people and situations into your life over and over again?

Numerology is the language of the symbolic meaning of numbers. You are born on a certain date and with a certain name, numerology uses these numbers to map your challenges, tendencies, gifts and mission in life. It serves as a roadmap; helping you navigate through the ups and downs of life. Numerology unlocks the code of your life so you can learn from the past, understand it and heal it in the present, and then grow into the highest version of our truest selves.  

Join Lourdes and discover the patterns that continuously show up in your life, explore and understand their meaning, so you can feel free and empowered to create the life you were meant to live. This is a personal guide to understanding the life you chose for yourself.

Please send us your date of birth before the event to events@begenerationlove.com

Meet Lourdes: 
Lourdes, Puerto Rican living in Miami, is certified in Theta Healing and Numerology. Eternal student of A Course in Miracles under the tutelage of Gisela Fabelo, and studied body awareness and Presence under Christopher Papadopoulos, author of “Peace: Where and How to Find It”. Her spiritual journey led her to write and create “Mission 11:11”, a project that talks about the synchronicity of numbers and how they can help you awaken the being that we all truly are. Through this story, she began a journey that directed her towards her life purpose and a constant spiritual awakening. Through it, she discovered different techniques that have helped her to forgive, heal her heart, to find power in her vulnerability, and rediscover unconditional love for herself and for all.

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