Tea + Sound

Tea + Sound

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Join Be Generation Love’s Be Soundful & Sabina Padilla at the table for a tea ceremony followed by laying down for a relaxing Sound Bath.

Sabina Padilla’s Tea Ceremony is in the Daoist tradition, an experience that goes way beyond tea as we know it, taking us deep into a meditative journey of plant medicine. Through the skill of the devoted server, careful attention to atmosphere and music, and the healing properties of “living tea”, a profound connection to ourselves and nature unfolds, leaving us calmed and revitalized.

This will be the perfect preparation for a one-hour meditative savasana journey into sound with @BeSoundful from @BeGenerationLove. Come lay down, relax, and restore in the soothing sounds of crystal and Himalayan singing bowls, tuning forks & a crystal lyre. The perfect setting to dive into deep rest as your body and mind are “bathed” in sound.

Please arrive 10 min. before start time. The Tea Ceremony will begin on time, and at that point the doors will be locked to prevent any disruptions. We unfortunately cannot be held responsible and guarantee entry for anyone who arrives late.

Comfortable clothes, yoga mat, blanket, water bottle and eye mask (hand towels to cover your eyes during the session can be used).

4.5 hours

About Sabina: Since having her first bowl with her Taiwan-based tea master, the Daoist “Way of Tea” has proven to be the path that binds all of Sabina’s relentless studies in holistic healing, Ayurvedic Yoga, and Vedic Meditation. It has also been the great connector between anyone that has sat for one of her tea ceremonies held throughout California, Oregon and (now) Florida.

For over 5 years, Sabina has considered herself a “student of the Leaf”, advocating consciously grown “living” tea and facilitating and teaching the ceremony of its service.

The core of her teachings is the cultivation of self-sufficiency. True natural healing is simply the reminder of everyone’s capacity to do it themselves. Sabina’s art is in understanding individuals and guiding them to discovery of their own inner potential.

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