Be Upgradable; A Conscious Mens Circle

Be Upgradable; A Conscious Mens Circle

  • OUR SPACE: 253 NE 99 ST. Miami Shores FL, 33138

The Conscious Men’s Circle is a group of men committed to supporting each other in living our purpose. It is a gathering for authentic, confidential, non-judgmental communication between men and founded on the recognition and experience that bringing together ‘men in council’ will bring powerful personal and professional transformation.

  • In the circle we make a conscious decision to make space in our lives for growth and development in our own journey, always supported by the other members.
  • In the circle each man has equal values and their perspectives are voiced and listened to (regardless of organizational role and/or perceived status).
  • In the circle we create more wholeness, balance, and equality for all who sit in them.
  • In the circle we may discuss topics from business issues or work conflicts to parenting, sexual intimacy, relationships, life purpose, mission finding, manhood, and much more.
  • In the circle we value trust and what gets discussed stays within the group.
  • In the circle we will find solutions to our problems, we will laugh and play, we will manage conflict, and learn from each other.

Given today’s fast pace life, it is more important than ever to stop, breathe, and come together to give and receive support from one another during our journey.



You will be heard by other men
You will have an opportunity to reach out to other men
You will learn to trust yourself and trust other men
You will learn to become a compassionate listener
 and we will create a supportive brotherhood