Bizzy Yogi Tv Episode 2

Bizzy Yogi Tv Episode 2

  • Midtown Miami Gallery: 114 Buena Vista Boulevard, Miami, Florida 33137

Welcome to Episode 2 of Bizzy Yogi TV where you will meet Miami’s top wellness movers and shakers.

Watch conversations to light up your mind, body & spirit. Learn tools and tips to create wellness in your life and also learn about the business side of life to inspire your lifestyle. Let’s gather our collective love, joy & peace to make ourselves better first to stand up and change the world!

Join us LIVE for an awesome chance to network and mingle to connect on a higher vibration. Bizzy Yogi’s creator Arianne will be interviewing some amazing speakers Be Generation Love’s founder Sarah MacMillan on how she’s helping people find balance in life through conscious practices. The Greater Miami Holistic Chamber of Commerce is hosting the event and it’s featured panel of Chad Welch, entrepreneur lifestyle coach, Leah Kinsella meditation teacher and Creativ Insight Journey Tiffany Nicole will share how mindfulness and focus can help you grow in all areas of your life.

Come join us for an expoerience that transcends the senses and be part of a meditation that is global via social media live streaming!

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